✨Our Features

Vectous is designed with unique features to enable it to realize its main aim of creating a safe, sustainable, and highly rewarding investment protocol for crypto users.

One of the main features of vectous is called "Deposit Action". Deposit action occurs when a deposit earn as much as it's original amount in profits, aka ROIs. The purpose of this feature is to encourage early users to continue making deposits and not solely rely on profits from their initial investment. If a deposit has earned its original amount in profits, users have the option to make additional deposits or choose to receive lower profits from that deposit. To learn more about this please read Deposit Actions.

Another key feature is β€œLending and Loaning.” This product allows users to securely lend and borrow funds within the platform. You can request a loan using your deposit, with a low fee of just 3%. Our platform manages loan requests by offering them to the public and ensuring that lenders are automatically paid on the due dates. Our Lending and Borrowing products prioritize simplicity, security, and trust when it comes to loan transactions. To learn more about this please read Lending and Loaning. Vectous also offers a unique interest rate model that grows daily. The interest rate begins at 1% and grows by 0.005% daily for six months. The interest rate is capped at 1.9%. Furthermore, the project implements a unique profit withdrawal fee that especially benefits medium to long-term investors while contributing to the sustainability of the project. User are charged a profit withdrawal fee of 30% IF they withdraw on the first day. The fee reduces by 0.3% every day till it reaches 0% in about 3 months. However, you can avoid the withdrawal fee altogether by reinvesting your profit. Plowing back your profit will also earn you a 6% bonus that is added to your profit. This unique model creates an incentive for users to reinvest their earnings with the protocol, creating sustainability.

Loaning fee and withdraw fee are both added to the contract pool to pay the investors.

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