Why Vectous?

Let's do it with examples

If you've been around the crypto space for a while you have seen it's been filled with projects that offer high returns on investments, with many of them claiming to have external income sources that will support these returns. These sources may include trading bots, yield farming, fees, and gaming revenues, however, these types of projects often fail to deliver on their promises of high returns and are not sustainable in the long-term. Vectous has chosen to stay! These projects tend to come and go, with little staying power in the market. Why? There are always people that like to risk it, some are wise enough to make smart risks or just risk the partition of their money that they can afford to lose.
And that is what Vectous is about: Creating a space for people to make smart risk!
What is different about Vectous? Consider all this, the Vectous project has chosen not to rely on any external sources for generating returns. Instead, we have designed our contract in a way that does not require the withdrawal of funds from investors. This totally eliminates the risk of a "rug pull" where the project abruptly exits and takes the funds of investors with it. The Vectous contract explicitly prohibits such withdrawals, providing a secure and stable environment for our investors.
So there is no income source? In addition to attracting new investors Vectous income sources are internal to the project. These incomes will come from the loaning/lending fees and deposit fees. But that is not enough, what else? In order to ensure the longevity of the Vectous project, we have implemented a dual-pronged strategy. Firstly, we have incorporated various functionalities within the smart contract to keep our investors engaged and incentivize them to continue investing and holding onto their profits within the project. For more information on these functionalities, please refer to the following pages.
Secondly, we place a significant emphasis on marketing efforts. We firmly believe that effective marketing is a key element for the success of any project, as evidenced by the global recognition of many renowned brands. As such, we intend to allocate a substantial portion of our profits towards marketing endeavors, with the goal of raising awareness and increasing visibility for the Vectous project among a wide audience.
It is important to acknowledge the potential risks associated with investing in Vectous. However, it is even more important to note that unlike other projects, Vectous operates without the risk of rug pull or bad fomo. Instead, the project might grow to become so widely recognized that the potential for new investors may decrease, despite this being a highly unlikely scenario.