💡What is Vectous


Vectous is a high return protocol built on Binance smart chain. It offers a high return on user's deposit and has two main goals :

  • Investment safety : impossible for the owner to withdraw funds from the contract

  • Contract sustainability : providing value & introducing game theory in some feature

Vectous offers a daily 1% - 1.9% return on your investment. We could put Vectous in these three words: Honest, High paying, Risky. If these three words describe what you are looking for in a project or at least what you are searching for part of your money as a side investment then Vectous for sure is a project for you. Should you stay away from Vectous? If you are a person that likes to invest only on 100% safe projects with low return or someone way too greedy to the point where you could risk all of your budget then you should consider looking from a distance at first. This project and frankly the whole crypto space is risky so maybe you should stay away from Vectous.

However we like to call Vectous a well managed and smart risk, more about it in the next sections...

worth mentioning: Deposit returns (rewards) are processed in real time and users are able to withdraw their rewards any time they wish, however the original deposit is forever locked and will forever yield returns.

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